Civil law (commercial)

I. Company law

- funding a company, association, foundation (including drafting of articles of association, loan / lease agreements, drafting and certification of declarations on one's own responsibility, etc.)

- modification and updating of their articles of incorporation (change of registered office, change of name, change of administrator, opening or closing of working point, increase or reduction of share capital, assignment of shares, entry or exit of an associate, change of object of activity, etc.)

- drafting of decisions of associates, shareholders, management bodies, etc.

- judicial dissolution of the company for expired headquarters, for impossibility of meeting the associates, etc.

- voluntary dissolution and liquidation,

- merger, absorption,

- approval and authorization of officials


II. Civil law

- eviction of tenant / borrower / tolerated person

- termination of contract

- damages for unrealized benefit

- temporary suspensions of construction / construction authorization

- temporary measure to allow access to property or other locations

- non-compliance with contractual obligations


III. Commercial Law

- debt collection

-  resolutions of contracts between companies, professionals, between and with public authorities

- disputes between companies / between public authorities / between professionals / with public authorities drafting,

- negotiation, amendment of commercial contracts and other agreements (sale-purchase, rental, leasing, distribution, loan, loan, lending, mandate, mortgage, assignment , construction, maintenance)

- assistance in other associated issues

IV. Insurance Law

- disputes with insurers for non-payment of damages, for late payment assistance

- negotiations with insurers for amicable payment of damages

- insolvency proceedings of insurance companies

- claims  in the bankruptcy procedure of insurance companies

- appeals in insolvency procedure

- requests to the Insurance Guarantee Fund for payment of damages for bankrupt companies

-complaints to the Insurance Supervisory Commission (current Financial Supervisory Authority) , etc

All people are equal before the law